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I just completed a few shows with my entire family, and oh what fun it was!
My dad, Abe and Sarah Lee have been touring with long-time friend and well, at this point, family member - Terry A La Berry on the RE:GENERATION Tour. The Re:Generation Tour started out in Ann Arbor, MI in late September. A couple of weeks ago Cathy flew out, Krishna, Johnny & kids, and my kids and I all drove out to meet them in Beverly, MA at the Cabot.
It was nice to pack up some of the instruments I don't play regularly and head out. With traffic, I made it there just in time to grab a guitar and run to rehearsal. My dad asked each of us to pick a couple songs and have everyone learn them. At the Cabot we did my song Who I Am.
The next morning we packed up and headed back home to the Berkshires to perform at the Mahaiwe together. By then we had some idea of what we might do and of course that changed :). I performed my song Odyssey with the family, which sounded really sweet. 
The following day we had a sold out show as the G Babes - a fundraiser for the Guthrie Center. This was a completely different show than the ones we had done the nights before. And by the time we got there we had to figure out what songs we knew. I ended up playing guitar, bass, mandolin (I learned a few nights before), autoharp and percussion. I think my head is still spinning. We opened the show with California Stars (a Woody Guthrie song with music by Wilco). By the end of the show we had the whole family up there including our dad. We ended the night with Will The Circle Be Unbroken.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday evening and went back down to the Guthrie Center for Thanksgiving Day. The Guthrie Center serves Thanksgiving Dinner for anyone in the community who would like to come. 
Then, off to Carnegie Hall...

I'm already missing the family shows and looking forward to the next time we all get together and make music together.

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