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New Single - Feistier Than Gin

Feistier Than Gin Available Now!

Annie Guthrie's single Feistier Than Gin features Annie’s dark wit. Originally recorded for her debut album Dragonfly, Annie decided to hold this one for later release.

I was feeling angry after my mother passed in 2012, This is the first song I wrote after. I was trying to lighten my mood, this is what I got. Music is the soundtrack to life. I was pissed that my mom died, and in love at the same time. When I put those feelings together with my guitar, Feistier Than Gin surfaced.
~ Annie 

Annie Guthrie: Vocals/Guitar
Bobby Sweet: Electric Guitar/Bass
Dan Teichert
: Drums
Produced by: Bobby Sweet

For more information or to contact Annie please send email to info@annieguthrie.com

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